Dropbox Desktop Client 1.0.0 RC for Windows, Linux, and Mac Released

altIf you are using the stable version of the Dropbox desktop client and have been looking forward to the new features (and bug fixes for the 0.8.x releases), then your wait is over. Now you can dig into and enjoy wonderful Selective Folder Syncing goodness with the new 1.0.0 release candidate.

Note: If you have already been using the 0.8.x releases there will be little difference between what you already have and the new release candidate. This release is geared more towards those using the older stable versions and waiting for all the great new features such as Selective Folder Syncing.

As you can see in the screenshot above, all that you need to do to access Selective Syncingis go to the Advanced Settings tab and open the Selective Sync window. Simply select or deselect folders as desired and click Update. Nice and easy…

Important note from the blog post concerning the RC on Linux & Macs:

We have found a bug when upgrading from 0.7.110 to 1.0.0 on OSX and Linux. Please do not install this version if you are currently running 0.7.110 and are on those platforms. If you already have and are having issues please see the bottom note for a potential workaround. (Included in next paragraph for your benefit.)

There have been reports of issues when upgrading from 0.7.110 to 1.0.0 on OSX. If after you upgrade you get a permissions error box or the menu doesn’t show, kill the dropbox process if it’s running. You then have two choices. Install 0.7.110 and wait for the next release candidate (recommended), or delete all the files in ~/.dropbox and go through the installation wizard again, (Make sure to point Dropbox at your current Dropbox location and that it asks you to merge).

Here are the direct file download links from the blog post:

For full details about the release candidate and bug fixes visit the blog post linked below.

(12/03) – Release Candidate – 1.0.0 [Dropbox Forums]


Originally posted on How to Geek http://www.howtogeek.com/news/dropbox-desktop-client-1-0-0-rc-for-windows-linux-and-mac-released/2277/


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