Friday Fun: Factory Balls – Christmas Edition

Your weekend is almost here, but until the work day is over we have another fun holiday game for you. This week your job is to correctly decorate/paint the ornaments that go on the Christmas tree. Simple you say? Maybe, but maybe not!

Factory Balls – Christmas Edition

The object of the game is to correctly decorate/paint each Christmas ornament exactly as shown in the “sample image” provided for each level. What starts off as simple will quickly have you working to figure out the correct combination or sequence to complete each ornament. Are you ready?


The first level serves as a tutorial to help you become comfortable with how to decorate/paint the ornaments. To move an ornament to a paint bucket or cover part of it with one of the helper items simply drag the ornament towards that area. The ornament will automatically move back to its’ starting position when the action is complete.


First, a nice coat of red paint followed by covering the middle area with a horizontal belt.


Once the belt is on move the ornament to the bucket of yellow paint.


Next, you will need to remove the belt, so move the ornament back to the belt’s original position.


One ornament finished! As soon as you complete decorating/painting an ornament, you move on to the next level and will be shown the next “sample Image” in the upper right corner.


Starting with a coat of orange paint sounds good…


Pop the little serrated edge cap on top…


Add some blue paint…


Almost have it…


Place the large serrated edge cap on top…


Another dip in the orange paint…


And the second ornament is finished. Level three looks a little bit tougher…just work out your pattern of helper items & colours and you will definitely get it! Have fun decorating/painting those ornaments!

Note: Starting with level four you will need to start using a combination of two helper items combined at times to properly complete the ornaments.


Originally posted on How to Geek.


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