Friday Fun: Spell Blazer


Are you ready for some fun and adventure after a long week back at work? This week’s game combines jewel-matching style game play with an RPG story for an awesome mix of fun and fiction. Your goal is to help a young wizard reach the magic academy in Raven as the forces of darkness are building.

Spell Blazer

The object of the game is to help young Kaven reach the Lightcaster Academy in Raven alive, but he will encounter many dangers along the way. Are you ready to begin the quest?


As soon as you click Start Game the intro will automatically begin. If this is your first time playing the game the intro provides a nice background story for the game and what is happening in the game environment.


Once you are past the intro, you will see a map of the region with your starting point in the Farmlands, various towns and the roads connecting them, along with your final destination of Raven. Notice that some of the roads are different colors…those colors indicate the “danger levels” for each part of your journey (green = good, yellow = some danger, etc.). To begin your journey click on the Town of Goose with your mouse.


You will encounter your first monster part of the way towards Goose. This first round takes you through the game play process step-by-step.



Once you have clicked Okay you will see the details about the monster you have just encountered. It is very important that you do not click on Fight! or Flee! until viewing and noting the types of spells that the monster is resistant to or has a weakness against.


Choose your spells wisely based on the information provided about the monster. Keep in mind that the healing spell can be very useful depending on the monster you meet and your current health status.

Note: Spells shown in order here are Healing, Fireball, Icebolt, & Lightning.


Ready to fight!


The first battle will also explain how to fight…click Okay to get started.


Once the main window is in full view there are details that you need to look at. Beneath each of the combatants you will see the three attacks that each brings to the battle and at the bottom you will see their respective health points. We got lucky and had an Icebolt attack that we could utilize on the first play!

Note: You can exchange two squares without making a match in order to try and line up an attack.


While it happened too quickly to capture in our screenshot, there will be cool lightning bolt effects shoot out from matched up squares to the opposite combatant. You will also see the amount of damage inflicted from a particular attack on top of the avatars.




Once you have won a round of combat a window will appear showing the amount of gold coins left behind by the monster.


When you reach a town you will have the opportunity to stop over and rest or directly continue on with your journey.


On to Halgard after a good rest!


Play Spell Blazer

Originally posted on How to Geek.



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