Friday Fun: Splash Back


The best part of the week has finally arrived, so why not take a few minutes to have some quick fun? In this week’s game you get to play with alien goo as you work to clear the game board and reach as high a level as possible.

Splash Back

The instructions for playing the game are simple. Use your mouse (left click) to add drops to blobs to make them grow larger and then explode, thus clearing the game board. How many levels can you clear before you run out of drops?


Each level will start with a handful of ready to burst blobs but most will need to be grown larger first. From this point forward it is mainly a matter of choosing the blobs you would like to burst now or to grow larger. You will need to choose wisely because you can quickly use your drops supply up if you are not careful! To add a drop just left click on the chosen blob.


When a blob bursts it will send out “ricochet blobs” in all four directions. They can make partial blobs grow larger and burst full blobs elsewhere on the board.


If the “ricochet blobs” hit just right they can start a chain reaction that will clear a large portion of the board at one time. The chain reactions are a very good thing because they help refill your drops reservoir!


Almost got it…


There goes the last one.


As soon as a board level is cleared the next level will appear. With each succeeding level you will notice that more blobs start out at a smaller size, so you will need to be very efficient in your choices.


When your drops reservoir reaches a critical level the numerical count will start flashing/blinking a red color.


When you run out of drops the game is over. Clicking on Play Again will take you back to the first level to try your luck again.


Play Splash Back

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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