Here’s How to Create a Blue Screen of Death in Any Colour You Want


Everybody that’s ever used Windows has at least heard of the Blue Screen of Death, even if they have been lucky enough to never encounter one themselves. Here’s how to make a BSOD in any colour you want, using a couple of clicks.

Note: following the technique in this article WILL crash your PC, every single time, without fail… it’s kinda the point, after all. Isn’t the black and green BSOD a lot more geeky? Keep reading at your own risk.

How to Crash Your PC With a Customized “Blue Screen” Color

To accomplish this, we’ll use a little utility created by Windows Expert Mark Russinovich, the same guy that wrote all those SysInternals utilities we love so much. The point of this utility is to illustrate a driver crash, but he’s added a little feature to customize the blue screen color while you’re at it.

Simply download the Not My Fault utility from his blog, head into the exe folder and either pick the Release or x64\Release folder, depending on whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. Click the BSOD Colors button to customize the colors, and then click the Do Bug button to crash Windows.


Again, as if the whole article wasn’t obvious enough—when you click the Do Bug button, your system will crash and reboot. You’ll lose anything you haven’t saved. You might have problems starting it back up initially.

Here’s a blue and yellow one…


And here’s a orange and blue one…


If you read this far, I see a red and green xmas-themed screen of death in your future. Maybe a pink one to surprise your wife for Valentine’s day?

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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