Friday Fun: Battle Critters – Prison Planet


Are you ready for some fun and adventure after a long week at work? Then grab your gear and get ready for action! In this week’s game you become a member of the Allied Republic of Critters and your job is to help squash the rebellion on Prison Planet and keep the humans from escaping before Admiral Alama arrives.

Battle Critters universe overview from the website: Over the last few centuries critters have taken control of earth, and the solar system. Humans are no longer the dominant species. They are now enslaved by more adaptable, and clever critters of all kinds.

Battle Critters – Prison Planet

The object of the game is to keep the human slave population of Prison Planet from escaping before the arrival of Admiral Alama. You also need to make certain that they remain alive so their lifeforce can be harvested.

Note: It is highly recommended to visit the Instructions-Help page before starting gameplay. The page contains useful information about the missions, prisoners, guards, weapons, upgrades, and rank/scoring (link provided below).


There are six levels to the game with multiple waves of humans attempting to escape on each level. When selected you will see a quick bio-background on the right side of the screen along with an aerial view of that level. Time to stop those humans from escaping!

Note: You can go back and replay a level once you have mastered it if desired.


When you start a level you will have a set amount of funds to purchase guards and tools with. In the lower right corner you will see the types of guards and tools that you can afford in color along with the prices for each. If something is outside of your price range it will be grayed out. Hovering your mouse over each type will display information about that guard or tool type.

To choose a guard or weapon type click on it and move it to an appropriately colored square (the square will be outlined in a bright green). Top row purchases can be placed on the lighter gray squares only, the robot dogs from the bottom row purchases in the darker gray walkway area only, and the teleport tool can be placed anywhere. The yellow arrows indicate the path the humans will move while trying to escape.

There are two important stats to keep your eyes on in the upper right corner: the remaining number of humans that can escape before failing that level and the remaining number of waves (escaping humans) left to face before that level is finished.


Set your guards and tools up as best you can to keep the humans contained. Choose your purchases and locations wisely or they will escape!

Note: During waves your monetary funds will increase, so you can make purchases during a wave to continuously build up your forces.


So far, so good. There will be a time limit in between waves for you to prepare for the next or you can choose to start immediately by clicking the Start Button. You will also notice the numbers for each human on the right side increasing…the higher the number the harder they are to stop (increased stamina and abilities)!


The gauntlet the humans must face becomes more daunting with each passing moment as you build your forces up. You can also perform upgrades on the weapons available to your guards once they have been in play for a set amount of time.


There will be no escape for the humans in the locker room area!


Success! No humans escaped from this area.


Time for the next level and trying to deal with humans coming from two areas at once!


The moment ten or more humans manage to escape you fail the level and will need to replay it in order to move forward to the next. Failing a level can help you plan your strategy much better for the next time. Good luck and have fun!



Play Battle Critters: Prison Planet

Play Battle Critters: Prison Planet (Alternative Link)

Prison Planet Instructions (Help) *It is highly recommended to view this page before starting gameplay. The page contains useful information about the missions, prisoners, guards, weapons, upgrades, and rank/scoring.

Homepages and Other Links for the Games in this Series

The trailers, screenshots & artwork, and wallpapers for each chapter can be accessed using the following links.

Battle Critters: Contingency (Chapter 1)

Battle Critters: Frey (Chapter 2) *The game for this chapter is still under development.

Battle Critters: Prison Planet (Chapter 3)

Battle Critters Universe Overview

Visit the Battle Critters YouTube Channel

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