Friday Fun: Daisy in Wonderland


Are you suffering the effects of another grinding week at work? Then it is time for you to relax for a little bit and have some fun! In this week’s game you get to engage in inter-dimensional travel as you help Daisy try to return home.

Note: If you wish to disable the soundtrack for the game simply click on the Sound Icon in the upper right corner.

Daisy in Wonderland

The object of the game is to help Daisy escape the dimensional trap she is in. You will need to travel back and forth through multiple levels of Wonderland and the Big City in order to succeed and help Daisy reach home.

You will use the Right, Left, & Up Arrow Keys to move Daisy around and the Space Bar to travel through doors, unlock gates, & flip the switches for the movable walls that you will encounter at higher levels.


This is the starting point of your journey to help Daisy escape the dimensional trap she is in. The goal is to work your way towards the yellow exit door, but there will be obstacles in your way. On the first level the tree will act as a wall and you need to work your way around it. The purple doors allow you to travel back and forth between Wonderland and the Big City. Are you ready to go?


Once you are through the purple door and in the Big City you no longer have an obstacle between you and the second purple door.


Time to travel back to Wonderland…


At this point all that is left to do is climb the vine and access the exit.


Time to leave this level behind…


When you successfully complete a level you will see your current score, be able to move on to the next level, or restart the game.


Level 2 starts to get busier and you begin encountering the first group of locked gates. The first thing you will need to do is start collecting keys…


Once you have the first key climb to the second level.


Unlock the first gate and climb up to get the second key. Once you have that key it is time to travel between dimensions again.


You definitely have a solid and clear path now.


Leaving, leaving, leaving…


Another level successfully completed!


Starting with level 3 you will encounter another new obstacle type…dirt walls. From this point onwards you will need to figure out more intricate patterns of travelling through the purple doors in order to move around the level, gather the keys you need, and reach the exit. Once you reach the higher levels you will also encounter switches for shifting walls (shown in the image at the top of the article). When a shifting wall disappears in one dimension it will appear in the other and can act as an obstacle to your progress. Have fun and good luck!


Play Daisy in Wonderland

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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