Friday Fun: Snowmageddon


Has it been a long week at work and your Friday is just not passing quickly enough? If you are in need of some stress relief today then get ready to battle evil mutant snowmen in Snowmageddon!


The object of the game is to survive fifteen days of attacks by evil mutant snowmen. Each day a fresh wave of snowmen will arrive and attempt to destroy your home…the question is can you survive?


Here is the newspaper headlines for the first day of attacks. Things are not looking too good for people right now…


When you start the first level you will see the keyboard controls for the game. To aim and fire your weapon use the mouse and left mouse button.


As you are engaged in battle you can monitor the health status of your home, the number of snowmen killed from each wave, the current “date” of the fifteen day period, weapon currently in use, and ammo count.


You have to be quick and accurate when killing the snowmen…they move rather fast across the snow towards your home!


Once you complete a round your score and monetary funds will tally-up (see screenshot below). Once the tally-up is finished you will be taken to the weapons shop where you can purchase better weapons, upgrades for your home, or repairs for your home if needed. Only the items in your price range will be “highlighted”.

Note: You can view the stats and firepower for each weapon by hovering your mouse over them.


The sub-machine gun makes it a lot easier to get those snowmen in level two!


Here is the tally-up screen (in progress) that we mentioned above. Headshots will earn you extra money, so aim carefully!


Back to the weapons shop…a new weapon is available and we need to make some repairs to our home…

Good luck in your fight against the evil mutant snowmen!


Play Snowmageddon

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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