Friday Fun: Ghost’s Revenge


This week’s game provides a spooky story in addition to the “spot the difference” challenges you will face on each level. Can you help this ghost unravel the mystery of the man who killed her?

Ghost’s Revenge

The object of the game is to spot the six differences between the two images on each level as you help this ghost seek revenge against the driver who callously murdered her.

Note: You can disable the sound by accessing the Menu in the lower left corner.


For the first four panels we provide helpful hints to help you along. Some of the differences are easy to find but others are rather subtle and require some close scrutinizing on your part.

Here in the first panel you can see the hit-and-run in progress…


Followed by the woman realizing that she is still here but as a ghost now.


The chase is on! She is determined to find out more about her murderer.


If he only knew how close she was to him right now he would probably be having a fit. So…what kind of person is he really?


No hints for this one! From here on out you get to help our ghost continue her quest for revenge and find out more about the man. Good luck!


Play Ghost’s Revenge

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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