Add the 2D Version of the New Unity Interface to Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04

   Is your computer or virtualization software unable to display the new 3D version of the Unity Interface in Ubuntu? Now you can access and enjoy the 2D version with just a little PPA magic added to your system!

To add the new PPA open the Ubuntu Software Center, go to the Edit Menu, and select Software Sources. Access the Other Software Tab in the Software Sources Window and add the first of the PPAs shown below (outlined in red). The second PPA will be automatically added to your system.

Once you have the new PPAs set up, go back to the Ubuntu Software Center and click on the PPA listing for Unity 2D on the left (highlighted with red in the image). Scroll down until you find the listing for “Unity interface for non-accelerated graphics cards – unity-2d” and click Install.

Once that is done you are ready to go to System, Administration, and then select Login Screen in your Ubuntu Menu. Unlock the screen and select Unity 2D as the default session from the drop-down list as shown here. Log out and then back in to start enjoying that Unity 2D goodness!

Here is how things will look when you click on the Ubuntu Menu Icon. Select the category that you would like to start with (such as Web) and get ready to have fun. This definitely looks (and works) awesome!

Enjoy your new Unity 2D Interface!

Unity 2D Packaging PPA [Launchpad]


Special thanks to HTG ETC reader “tslmy” for providing the clue that helped with re-locating the URL for the wallpaper shown in the post here!

Download the Wallpaper Shown in the Screenshots at DesktopNexus (2560*1600 pixels)

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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