Give Chromium-Based Browser Desktop Notifications a Native System Look in Ubuntu

Desktop notifications from Chromium-based browsers are an awesome feature, but they do not blend in well at all with the native system theming in Ubuntu. Now you can fix that small problem using the wonderful Chromify-OSD extension created by Marco Ceppi.

Once you get the extension installed you can give it a quick test run using the link and information we have listed below. As you can see in the image above the new notification style looks absolutely wonderful.

Chromify-OSD (Chrome Web Store) [via OMG! Ubuntu!]

You can test the new look of the notifications for yourself using the following webpage. Keep in mind that the extension needs to be installed first before this will work though.

Note: Enter the following image URL into the Icon Blank ( or the URL for an appropriate image, otherwise the notification may not work properly during your test.

Chromify Sample HTML5 Notification Test Page

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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