Reclaim Vertical UI Space by Adding a Toolbar to the Left or Right Side of Firefox

Do you need to make the most efficient use possible of vertical UI space on your system’s screen, but have horizontal space to spare? Now you can shift the toolbar icons and their awesome functionality to a slim sidebar in Firefox using the Vertical Toolbar extension.

As you can see above the sidebar even picked up on our Personas Theme to help it blend in nicely with the rest of the browser. You can access the options for the new toolbar by right clicking within the toolbar area.

These are the options for the toolbar…you can choose the side of Firefox that works best for toolbar placement, adjust display, hiding, & animation settings, define how the buttons display, and add/remove additional buttons as desired.

Once you open the Customize Toolbar Window make any desired additions or removals just like you would before on the top UI section and close when finished.

Note: Works with Firefox 4.0b7pre – 4.0.*

Vertical Toolbar [Mozilla Add-ons]

Originally posted on How to Geek.


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