Skype 6.3 for Windows brings along quality and performance related improvements

Skype 6.3

Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Windows (6.3) and are calling it a maintenance release. As such, a number of bugs have been fixed:

  • Start screen sharing pop-up was not accessible.
  • Tooltips were not properly displayed on monitor setups other than 32bit.
  • Seldom profile edits were not saved.
  • Incoming contact request details were not accessible.
  • Add contact dialogue was not correctly displayed on multi-monitor setup.
  • In some cases when editing received filename the file extension was lost.
  • Skype froze when opening snapshot gallery with large amount of pictures.
  • IM button sometimes did not work during call in case call window was at minimum size.
  • Profile window in compact view did not downscale.
  • Call toolbar texts did not fit onto screen on some languages.
  • Call Quality Guide window was sometimes partially hidden.
  • Non-square pictures were not properly scaled, when user set them as avatar picture.
  • Option to choose how message will be sent was not always reachable by keyboard.
  • When clicking „Save as“ button in received file in compact mode it brought into focus Skype main window, instead of file saving dialogue

A word of warning for those eager to update: Birthday notifications do not work. If you live without that, hit the download links below

Source: Skype

Download Link: Skype for Windows 6.3


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