From the rumour mill: Samsung to launch Android notebook as Google readies Apple TV competitor and smart watch

Chromebook Pixel

Mingchi Kuo a KGI Securities analysis has claimed that in 3-4 months, Samsung will launch a cheap Android powered notebook, an Apple TV competitor and a Google smart watch.

Considering that just last month Intel executives confirmed that the majority of its new sub-$200 notebooks running on its mobile Atom CPU will be Android based, this isn’t surprising

However, these devices will not make an appearance at I/O this year because Android 5.0, commonly called Key Lime Pie will not be ready. However, Samsung will be ready to ship the Android 4.x powered devices in the next few months.

As for the Apple TV competitor, Mingchi says that it is on its way but has been delayed because of a change of processors from a TI OMAP to an NVIDIA Tegra. As such, it will not be ready this week.

As well as Google Glass, it is expected that the “Google Watch” will be launched as Google’s move into the wearable device market. However, given the myriad design challenges for wearable devices, however, we don’t expect mass production to begin this year. 


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