Windows Phone 8 to add FM radio support

In a blog post from Microsoft announcing the Nokia Lumia 925, the software giant devices and services company dropped hints as to what we can expect from forthcoming updates to Windows Phone.

The update will reportedly bring “hundreds” of minor fixes and improvements (though none were specified). However, the one that was mentioned was FM radio support, present in Windows Phone 7 but missing in Windows Phone 8. The update will also make Data Sense available for more carriers to offer as well as making it easier to select, download, and pin music in Xbox Music. There will also be improvement to the accuracy of song info and metadata.

The update will also add support for CalDAV and CardDAV, which will ensure Windows Phone continues to work with Google’s services.

Microsoft released an update for Windows Phone 8, called “Portico” or “GDR1”, bringing new Wi-Fi and messaging improvements back in January. This new update, set for release during the summer, is called “GDR2” and is not considered to be the rumoured Windows Phone Blue.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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