About Ben…

Hi, I’m Ben, the guy behind this website.

Contacting Me


If you do email me, here are a few simple guidelines that might help:

  • Bing/Google/Whatever is your friend. More often than not, questions I receive can be answered via a simple Bing/Google/Whatever search.
  • Please don’t ask me about specific hardware or software configurations. I’m not familiar with Windows 98 (yes it’s out there still, and no, I don’t know why it’s still being used.)
  • On a similar note, overly vague questions are unanswerable. Examples: Why can’t use program X on my desktop and not on my other desktop
  • Respect email trends. Don’t ask a question in the subject line or leave it blank. Hotmail and Google Mail spam filters do stop these types of messages.
  • I’m only human. Remember that I can no longer answer every email that I receive. As a result I can’t personally reply to any email

And thanks for reading. Content here is asked for by you!