What I use


Primary notebook PC

I use a new Windows 8 Pro (64bit obviously) Lenovo G580. It has a 15.6 inch display at 1366×768 with an Intel Core i3 processor. It comes with a 750 GB HHD. With 6GB of RAM, it’s fast.

PC tablets and devices

I am proud to say that I own a Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with the black touch cover. It’s amazing!!

Portable Devices

Smart phones

For my phone, I have a HTC 8X. It’s a great phone and I really (really) recommend it. Windows Phone 8 is a great mobile operating system.

Samsung YP-T10 MP3 player

I received this for Christmas 2008. It comes with 2GB of flash memory and it syncs with my laptop. UPDATED: I don’t really use it any longer as I have my HTC 8X.

Samsung M110 Camera

It has a high picture quality 8.2 mega pixel mounted CCD with a user-oriented shooting mode from photography to multimedia functions. With 3x optical zoom lens it offers 5-level of sharpness, contrast and saturation Adjustments
Perfect combination of optical and digital correction of hand-shakes.
Image brightness control are supported by adjustment of the exposure measured by the camera. As well as this it has face detection optimized for portrait shots and automatic adjustment of contrast through measurement of darkness and brightness. It supports macro shooting for close up shots. It offers various expressions of images through colour adjustments. It can take powerful video recordings with MJPEG VGA resolution.


I use an Amazon Kindle to read the vast majority of books now.

Software and Services

Operating system

I am using the final shipping version of Windows 8 Pro with Media Center on my laptop.


I use and recommend Office 365 Home Premium, which includes subscription-based access to Office 2013 Professional Plus for 5 PCs and devices. Seeing that I am at school, I use Microsoft Word and OneNote every day.

I use Microsoft’s SkyDrive app to synchronize key files between my PCs and the cloud. I also pay for additional SkyDrive storage.

Internet and communications

For web browsing, I use Internet Explorer 10.

I use Skype and Facebook to speak to friends and family.  


Prior to Windows 8, I used Microsoft Security Essentials but as that is now part of Windows 8, I just use the built in Windows Defender.

Digital media

To buy music, I use Xbox Music on my phone or Amazon MP3. Both are good and recommended but for me, I choose either down to the cost of the track of album I want to get.

I manage my photo collection in File Explorer but to import and share photos, I use the (free) Windows Photo Gallery 2012.

For DVD ripping, I use and recommend WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. However, I do not steal DVDs. These are used to create digital copies of home videos so I can play them on my Surface.


Our main printer is an old Dell All-In-One 928. It’s large and noisy but gets the jobs done.

If you have any questions about my gear, please email me.